- In harmony with nature -


Viña Arboleda was one of the country’s first wineries to be certified under the Chile’s National Sustainability Code that guarantees environmentally friendly production, social responsibility towards the community and economic viability.

Arboleda is committed to conserving the biodiversity in the Aconcagua Valley, and as such, more than 1,450 hectares (3,583 acres) of native forest have been kept virgin to protect the natural corridors that constitute a true habitat of flora and fauna. Additionally, water is preserved in a reservoir that extends over 14 hectares (34.5 acres).


Wild animals coexist within the vineyard.


Ravines work as natural corridors of plant life in the valley and help minimize soil erosion caused by rain.


The 800,000m3 reservoir supplied by the Aconcagua River is a resting place for migratory birds including the giant coot, pied-billed grebe and the white-necked cocoi heron that are difficult to find in other wetlands.


The native forest includes species such as Quillay, Boldo, Peumo, Litre, Tevo, Molle, sclerophyllous brush and cactus.



Viña Arboleda’s winemaking and viticultural team is committed to intervene the environment the least possible, allowing the vines to yield fruit with the purest expression of the terroir’s intrinsic characteristics.

To produce Arboleda’s exceptional wines, the team closely follows the progress of the vines and fruit throughout the entire season to understand the terroir and be able to make accurate decisions, especially during the harvest period, which is key for grape health and analytics. Their meticulous work is fundamental to picking each lot at the precise time, avoiding degraded skins and obtaining moderate alcohol and good acidity levels. After the harvest, they very carefully select the grapes and use specific vinification processes with latest technologies for each lot, always focusing on maintaining the special characteristics of the grapes in every wine.