Arboleda Vintage 2022 in Aconcagua Costa

Carlos Carrasco, Arboleda Viticulturist, shares the highlights of the 2021-22 season that finished a few months ago in Aconcagua Costa: 

“This season is among the five driest in the last 100 years, with 98 mm of rain in 2021, while the historical average is 228 mm per year. During October, spring was slightly warmer than usual; however, November and December had more cloudy and cold days, slightly delaying the phenology of the vineyard between a week and ten days. Then, January provided enough sunny days for a good veraison and ripening, while February and March were cooler than the historical average, favoring a gradual ripening and preserving acidity. The low rainfall and excellent sanitary conditions contributed to obtaining grapes of remarkable quality, concentration and acidity.” 

The complete Harvest Report 2022 in Aconcagua Costa can be read here.