Japanese award extends to Arboleda’s reds

"The competition has granted gold medal to the Chardonnay as well as to its emblematic variety, the Cabernet Sauvignon".

Once again, Arboleda wines have received important recognition in the prestigious Japanese competition, Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards, whose 2015 version declared the Arboleda Chardonnay the “Best Wine to Pair with Sushi”. Now in 2017, the fourth edition of the competition has granted gold medals to the same wine as well as to its other emblematic variety, the Cabernet Sauvignon—both from the 2015 vintage—proving that the Japanese palate also favours Arboleda’s reds.

According to Yumi Tanabe, Sakura’s founder and president, fresh and fruity varieties that also offer a good balance and bright acidity, such as Arboleda’s Chardonnay, win the most awards. Additionally in this case, she added, the Cabernet Sauvignon—the Chilean variety which was the first one to be introduced into the Japanese market—presents a distinctive character and pairs very well with different dishes, such as Japanese sukiyaki or Chinese Peking Duck.

The Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards is the largest international wine and food competition in Japan, where more than 4,000 wines from nearly 40 countries compete and are judged—as the name implies—by a jury of Japan’s most renowned female wine experts.