Successful Arboleda tour in Brazil

In early July, Arboleda winemaker Tomás Muñoz conducted a successful tour that included a series of activities celebrated in the two most important cities in Brazil – Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – to unveil the latest 2020 and 2021 vintages and present the new vintage 2018 of Brisa, Arboleda’s top, premium wine. 

Among the highlighted activities are the vertical tasting events of all Brisa vintages for World Wine importer’s team, press and trade, from the inaugural 2016 vintage to the new 2018 vintage. Also, an exclusive event for wine press celebrated at the Skye of famed Unique Hotel in Sao Paulo, attended by Cristián Burgos from Adega magazine, Eduardo Milan from Adega and Descorchados, Carlos Cabral (Pao de Azucar), Gabriela Monteleone (Sommelier from the prestigious DOM restaurant), Paulo Brammer from Enocultura and Susana Barelli, among others.