Commitment to biodiversity conservation in the Aconcagua Valley

Viña Arboleda was one of the first wineries in the country to be certified under the standards of the Wines of Chile Sustainability Code, a voluntary certification that is founded upon a long-term vision that combines environmental principles, social equity and economic viability.

That undertaking is reflected in the commitment the winery has made since its inception to conserve the biodiversity of the Aconcagua Valley. Specifically, it has left more than 1,450 hectares of native forest untouched in order to protect the natural corridors that provide habitat to native flora and fauna. 

In Arboleda’s Chilhué Vineyard in Quillota, 12 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean, 41% of the flora present has been identified as endemic species—including Belloto del Norte and Naranjillo—and 36% as native species. In other words, 77% of the species recorded there are originally from Chile.

In Las Vertientes Vineyard, 37 kilometres inland from the sea in the town of Hijuelas, 59 species of fauna have been identified, representing 61% of the native species that could potentially inhabit this locality. The endemic species present correspond to 43% of all endemic species potentially present in the area, including the tiny marsupial Yaca (Thylamys elegans), the iguana Lagartija oscura (Liolaemus fuscus) andthe Perdiz chilena (Nothoprocta perdicaria) or Chilean tinamou, confirming the area’s great representativeness compared to other wild native habitats with similar natural characteristics.