Arboleda Carmenere 2014 awarded with Gold Medal

Arboleda Carmenere 2014 was awarded a Gold Medal in the 5th Edition of the “Carmenere al Mundo” contest, an event organized by Chile’s National Association of Agricultural and Winemaking Engineers, which took place in the Curicó Valley from October 12 to 14. This competition is the only one in the world focused on this variety. In this occasion, the judges were specialists from China, United States, Europe and Latin America, in addition to Chilean wine experts.

It’s the second consecutive year that Arboleda Carmenere receives this important recognition, since its vintage 2012 was also awarded Gold in the previous version of the contest. This demonstrates the consistent quality of Arboleda’s Carmenere, which faithfully express the purity of this variety stemming from its terroir in Aconcagua Valley.